Recent Publications


We are delighted to update you with some of our latest publications:


Walker, S., Spillane, E., Stringer, K., Meadowcroft, A., Dasgupta, T., Davies, S.M., Sandall, J., Shennan, A., Batish, A., Davidson, L., Das, S., Magurova, L., Haroun, G., Meates, C., Houghton, G., Grys, H. Le Drys, 2023. The feasibility of team care for women seeking to plan a vaginal breech birth (OptiBreech 1): an observational implementation feasibility study in preparation for a pilot trial. Pilot Feasibility Stud. 9, 80.


Dasgupta, T, Hunter, S, Reid, S, et al. Breech specialist midwives and clinics in the OptiBreech Trial feasibility study: An implementation process evaluationBirth. 2022; 00: 1- 10. doi: 10.1111/birt.12685 – The full study exploring the acceptability of proficient breech team care for women. Be sure to read the supplementary file containing quotes from women who participated in the research.


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First research poster & video


We have started to share some of our results with professionals and people using maternity services. You can see our first poster presentation and view a video explaining the poster here:


Walker S, Dasgupta T, Hunter S, Reid S, Shennan A, Sandall J, Davies S, 2022. Preparing for the OptiBreech Trial: a mixed methods implementation and feasibility study. BJOG An Int. J. Obstet. Gynaecol. 129, 70.


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Optimal Intervals research published


We are delighted to announce that Emma Spillane's research on optimal timings for vaginal breech births has been published. Spillane is the OptiBreech Principal Investigator at Kingston Hospital, where she is also the Deputy Head of Midwifery. Her work will help professionals better understand what is 'normal' for breech births and when to assist the physiological process.


Spillane, E., Walker, S., McCourt, C., 2022. Optimal time intervals for vaginal breech births: a case-control study. NIHR Open Res. 2, 45.

Demographic information

Before the consent procedure is finalised and participants leave your office, please ensure they have completed their portions of the patient-identifiable information and demographics fields. They can access these after completing the consent form.

OptiBreech Care Trial Opens!

The OptiBreech Care Trial opened at Chelsea and Westminster, West Middlesex and Kingston Hospitals on 7 January 2022. We aim to randomise 104 participants by 7 July.