Short Course

Gendered Innovations: Harnessing the Creative Power of Gender Analysis for Discovery and Design

Gendered Innovations: What is it?
Londa Schiebinger

Sex and Gender Interact: Why is this important?
Londa Schiebinger

Interlocking Policies: Policy is one Driver of Innovation and Can Encourage Scientists and Engineers to Integrate Gender Analysis into Their Research

  1. Granting Agencies
    Londa Schiebinger
  2. Peer-Reviewed Journals
    Londa Schiebinger
  3. University Curricula
    Londa Schiebinger


Case Studies: How Sex and Gender Analysis Lead to Innovation


Stem Cells: Analyzing Sex and How Sex Interacts with Additional Factors
Londa Schiebinger

Health & Medicine

Nutrigenomics: How Sex and Gender Interact
Londa Schiebinger

Nutrition Surveys: Analyzing Sex and Gender
Hee Young Paik


Assistive Technology: How Sex and Gender Interact in Design
Londa Schiebinger

Machines Translation: Analyzing Gender
Londa Schiebinger


Climate Change: Analyzing How Gender Intersects with Socioeconomic Status
Londa Schiebinger

Public Transportation: Rethinking Concepts and Theories
Inés Sánchez de Madariaga

Water Infrastructure: Gender in Participatory Research
Londa Schiebinger

Student Videos

video pic of male birthcontrol video pic of menstrual hygiene in rural india
Male Birth Control: Analyzing Sex and Gender      
Aaron Holden and Kelly Nguyen, Stanford, '15
Menstrual Hygiene for Rural India:
Engineering Innovation Processes

Garima Sharma, Stanford, '15
improving organ transplants video social Intelligence video
Improving Organ Transplants:
Analyzing How Sex and Gender Interact

Rebecca Gold, Stanford, '15
Socially Intelligent Robots:
Analyzing Gender

Meredith Burkle, Stanford, '16
GoldieBlox: Disrupting the Pink Aisle
GoldieBlox: Disrupting the Pink Aisle
Lucy Wang, Stanford '16

Video Archive

Gendered Innovations: Harnessing the Creative Power of Gender Analysis to
Create New Knowledge (2014)
In Honor of Ineke Klinge

Londa Schiebinger

Women and Gender in Science (KanaalZ, Belgium, 2013)
Londa Schiebinger interviewed by Veronique Gossens

Gendered Innovations (2009)
Londa Schiebinger